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12" X 12" Personal Size Frosty Towel

Get Your Frosty Towels Here!!!
To make room for our new updated packaging and look, we’re offering our current inventory of Frosty Towel multi-packs at discounted pricing.   Get yours before they’re gone!

We’ve brought manufacturing back to America and Frosty Towel is now made in the USA!

12" x 24" Large Sport Size Frosty Towel

12" X 12" Personal Size Frosty Towel $9.99ea

Fits nicely in your pocket !

3-pack $20.97 ($ 6.99ea) Add To Cart
6-pack $41.94 ($ 6.99ea) Add To Cart
12-pack $82.68 ($ 6.89ea) Add To Cart
20-pack $135.80 ($ 6.79ea) Add To Cart
50-pack $334.50 ($ 6.69ea) Add To Cart
100-pack $659.00 ($ 6.59ea) Add To Cart

12″ x 24″ Large Sport Size Frosty Towel $14.98ea

Sports size !

3-pack $23.97 ($ 7.99ea) Add To Cart
6-pack $47.34 ($ 7.89ea) Add To Cart
12-pack $92.28 ($ 7.69ea) Add To Cart
20-pack $149.80 ($ 7.49ea) Add To Cart
50-pack $349.50 ($ 6.99ea) Add To Cart
100-pack $679.00 ($ 6.79ea) Add To Cart

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